Product Video

FotoFinder medicam 1000

Concept, Production, Post Production

FotoFinder Systems

We don't see ourselves just as camera operators, editors or producers. We strive to be more than the creative technican that many people see in filmmakers and videographers. We also see ourselves as advisors and consultants supporting our clients to get the most useful videos with every project. After consulting FotoFinder Systems for their new image video about a modern and individualistic way to communicate their values and philosphy in a new image video they approached us to create product videos for their new and innovative cameras. We needed to create something that wouldbe a great eyecatcher at fairs and tradeshows, short enough to use in any presentation and still informing about the key specs while keeping the mood and style from the image video.

product shot of the FotoFinder medicam 1000 product shot of the FotoFinder medicam 1000 lens FotoFinder medicam 1000 dock FotoFinder medicam 1000 lens