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Concept, Production, Post Production

FotoFinder Systems

FotoFinder is the international leading company for skin cancer screening technology. They approached us because they were looking for someone who could produce an image video for them that is better and more high quality than any video that was made for them ever before. Especially smaller companies often get to focused on production costs "as anyone can shoot a video with a smartphones". That's why they end up with amateurish or just bad videos that don't reflect their spirit and the quality of their products and services at all. So when they finally ended up hiring a professional video production company, they already had made some bad experiences when it comes to their coporate videos. Our job was to create an image video that would fulfill their expectations and finally be the tool they always needed for their video marketing.

FotoFinder had one very specific target: They wanted to combine both parts of their company in one video - on the one side the family owned company with a lot of tradition and expertise and on the other side high tech premium medical products which set the pace for skin imaging worldwide. The actual production and post production are often just a part of the services we offer to our clients. We also consult our clients regarding concept and strategy, so that they will not only get a great looking video but a communication tool that they can actually use in the way they intended to when they where at first imagening a new video.

FotoFinder Vexia Studio FotoFinder flourescence diagnostics lens hand holding up a part of the lens for the FotoFinder medicam building a canon camera in a FotoFinder ATBM