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mueslifriends: Connie

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Sometimes you need to take a step back to see the whole picture. Many times this step back is actually a huge step forward. Not every path in life is linear, sometimes you need to take another direction to find out who you really are.

That's the story of Cornelius, another amazing "Mueslifriend" we met in Passau. Connie started out studying business administration, he wanted to work for some of the most successful companies. But while studying he realized that that's not what he really wanted to do, that studing was nothing he was really passionate about. So he opened a restaurant in Passau. A few years later he founded PASTA, a magazine about food, culture and life in Passau, the city he loves.

Cornelius Martens playing the piano Portrait of Cornelius Martens while cooking Cornelius Martens in his kitchen Close up of fingers playing the piano