Video Portrait

mueslifriends: Absinthia Absolut

Concept, Production, Post Production


Our portrait about the fabulous Absinthia Absolut is the third video in the "mymuesli mueslifriends" series. We went to visit Sascha / Absinthia in his apartment in Berlin.

"I'm just a normal hairdresser during daytime. But as soon as the sun goes down I become a drag queen."

Meeting new people, learing about them, hearing about their stories and their passion is what drives us, what keeps us motivated. Nothing sparks creativity more than meeting other creative people. That's why we enjoy creating this series so much. The diversity of the people we introduce in these videos refelcts the diversity of mymuesli's customers, fans and friends, which is the purpuse of these videos. Be sure to check out the other mueslifriends we met!

Portrait of Sascha / Absinthia Absolut Absinthia Absolut and Candy Crash on the streets of Berlin Neuk├Âlln Absinthia Absolut in her room getting dressed up portrait of Absinthia Absolut