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Every person has an own interesting story - videos are a great way to tell these stories. We're creating video portraits, documentaries and corporate videos about the most interesting thing in the world: people. We see ourselves as the modern age storytellers, because that's what we really want to do. Let us help you to find, develop and tell your own personal story in an engaging and emotional way. We believe that our client's companies are more than economic structures, that they are full of interesting individuals forming something like a corporate family, giving the company a face. Together with our clients we're creating emotional and impressive corporate videos to communicate what's really important: the heart and soul of your company.


Preserving memorable moments or letting people from the other side of the world be part of your event - no matter if you're planing a team building day for 20 colleagues, a congress with 400 participants or a festival with thousands of visitors. We're helping you to create documentaries, mood videos and livestreams for your event - so even people who can't join you in person can take part in these memorable and emotional moments. A video of your event is not only the perfect way to save those memories for eternity, but also a great marketing tool for your next event.


Product videos, teasers, trailers and tutorials are perfect tools for bringing your products and potential clients together. We create elegant, modern and engaging videos for your products. A video is the most impressive product presentation imaginable, no matter if you use it for social media, on your website, on TV or trade fairs and pitches. We support you in every step from the first concept drafts to the final touches in post production to create vivid and appealing videos that fit the quality of your products and services.


We are MOVE Video. We see ourselves as the storytellers of the modern age. Telling immersive and emotional stories in a visual way is what we love to do. That’s why we create videos about impressive people. We want to learn about their stories, learn what’s on their mind, in their heart and how beautiful their soul is. From time to time we like to break out of the scheme of corporate videos. Sometimes for our clients, more often for ourselves. That’s when we create video portraits, documentaries and music videos overflowing with all the creativity our minds can come up with.